5 Reasons to Choose Kona for Your Next Fishing Adventure

They say a bad day of fishing is better than a good day of working – or doing just about anything else. When it comes to Kona, the adage has never been more true. Located on the Big Island, this slice of paradise is an angler’s dream. Need more than white sandy beaches and nearly perpetual sun before you pack up your tackle box? Here’s a few reasons to make Kona the destination for your next – and biggest – fishing adventure.

#1: Once-in-a-Lifetime Fish. Everyone has a good “the one that got away” story. But what if you had an epic “one that didn’t get away” story? Kona has more 1000+ pound blue marlin than any other fishing spot in the world. An angler recently caught a 1166 pound monster aboard our Sea Strike.

#2: Great Workouts. Sure, you can put a line in, sit back, and soak up the sun – or you can work up a sweat landing an acrobatic 25-pound mahi mahi. After you hook one of these spirited fish, the fun begins as you finesse it in. Heart-pounding. Then you can sit back and enjoy the rush.

#3: Great Eating. If you’re more interested in your next fresh seafood meal than in a trophy, you’ll enjoy good-eating varieties such as mahi mahi, ahi tuna, ulua (trevally), and more. We’ll help you get them prepared.

#4: Break World – or Personal – Records. Sport fishermen flock to Kona for its massive blue marlins and other record-breakers. But even if you don’t shatter a record, you can beat your personal best. With guidance from an experienced captain, you’ll have the experience of a lifetime.

#5: Enjoy Non-Fishing Activities. When your fishing expedition is over for the day, explore the beauty and bounty of Kona. You don’t need to go far to find a terrific beach. Hiking, biking, swimming, snorkeling, rafting, and exploring parks will keep you plenty busy. Relax with a submarine ride through the gorgeous waters or a dinner cruise.

See you in Kona!