Although not as popular as Kona’s marlin, sharks abound in these waters and can be caught on special charter trips. 16-foot-long tiger sharks have nosed up to the boat when we’re not looking for them. Thresher sharks have been landed on marlin lures while trolling, and many other types can be raised. Additional supplies and rates are needed for these trips.

We also target broadbill swordfish on special night-fishing trips in Kona. Swordfish are among the most elusive sport fish to catch. Equal in size to marlin, swordfish is an ultimate quest for many big-game anglers. Late spring/ early summer is the best time of year to catch broadbill in Kona. Kona is a great place to fish in that you don’t have to go far to catch fish. The sand shark, pictured below, got hooked up right at the green buoy, which is just outside of the mouth of Honokahou Harbor. The shark then swam into the outer basin of the harbor where the battle between the 10 year old angler and a 100 pound shark ensued. Once the fish was brought to leader, Captain Dale backed the Sea Strike up to the fuel dock for a photo op, then towed the shark back out to the green buoy and released it to fight another day.

On a recent night fishing trip aboard the Sea Strike, the Captain and crew had their instructions to try and find an ahi (aka yellow fin tuna). No tuna were found, but the crew did not come back to the harbor empty handed. The biggest Kona swordfish of the year so far was captured, weighing in at 126 pounds.