Why Should You Try Night Fishing?

If you’re on the Big Island, you can’t miss Kona’s nightlife: restaurants, sunset cruises, bars, clubs … it’s paradise for night owls. But there’s something that may be even more a-LURE-ing. Night fishing. Climb aboard the Sea Strike and get the experience of a lifetime at nighttime.

Night fishing offers a host of benefits, including:

  • Bigger fish. Do you really catch bigger fish at night? It’s a theory we don’t mind testing! Given the heavy activity during the day, bigger fish – i.e. the older, more experienced fish with near-catch experiences – are more cautious. At night, they’re on the lookout for food, and this is a great opportunity to hook one. Night fishermen recently landed the year’s biggest Kona swordfish – 126 pounds of proof that night fishing can be as, or more, exciting than day fishing.
  • Less competition. At night, there are fewer lines vying for the big fish, and the small fish for that matter. There are typically fewer boats, fewer interruptions, and fewer obstacles between you and your big catch. Again, you might have a greater chance at getting the big fish you’ve been chasing. But, maybe even more importantly, you may find that that peace and quiet make the experience that much more rewarding.
  • It’s cooler. If you’ve had your fill of sun for the day, night fishing can offer a respite. It’s cooler and more refreshing out on the open water. Hawaii is always a sight to see; experiencing the beauty at night offers another perspective, and even more beauty.
  • It’s fun. As good a reason as any – and you have an excuse for a mid-day nap the next day. Night fishing is enjoyable; if you’ve never done it, it’s certainly something worth trying.

Experience Kona’s nightlife in a whole new way; fishing for trophies, or for dinner, is one of the best options out there.