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Sea Strike fishing charter

Sea Strike Sport Fishing Kona is a family-run business. Captain Dale Leverone is the owner/operator of the Sea Strike, a 31' bertram (one of the best sport fishing vessels ever made). 15 year old Jack Leverone is son and first mate. I am Dale's wife, Jack's mom and webmaster. Captain Dale is a 30-year veteran of charter fishing in Kona. Jack was born and raised here and has grown up on the boat. They both live to fish, and they both have great natural ability and instinct, as well as much experience with big and small game fish. Whether you want to catch a monster, or just take the kids out for their first Kona deep sea fishing experience (or anything in between), the Leverone boys are the best team to take you.

Kona Hawaii is home to some of the world's BIGGEST blue marlin and home of the world-record-holding Sea Strike charter boat with Captain Dale Leverone as seen on ESPN. Captain Dale Leverone and his charter boat Sea Strike holds numerous world records, including Ray Hawkes' spectacular 1,166 pound blue marlin on 50-lb test, caught here in Kona, Hawaii. The Sea Strike and Captain Leverone have hosted anglers from all over the Unites States and other countries, from Canada to Australia.

Sea Strike's Kona deep sea fishing charters come with many options; half day, three quarters day, full day; big game-big tackle/130 pound test, light tackle/ world records; recreational fishing for young and old. Catch and release or keep it and eat it. There is no other port like Kona. The water is calm, the scenery is beautiful, the fishing is great year around.

We catch them all: ono, mahimahi, ahi (tuna), swordfish, and of course the mighty blue marlin! Whatever sportfishing you desire, Captain Dale Leverone is waiting to fulfill your Kona deep sea fishing dreams aboard the Sea Strike. Click here for info and facts about the "Sea Strike".


Sea Strike fishing charter

The ocean is teeming with life! On an morning half day fishing charter last week, the Sea Strike and company started their trip down ono lane. They caught a nice little ono early, then headed outside to look for a marlin. They came across a bait ball, a large school of small fish swimming together, and watched a couple of sharks feeding off of it. Next, Captain Dale Leverone spotted some humpback whales nearby, and told the guests to get their cameras ready. Suddenly, the whales turned and started swimming directly toward the Sea Strike. As Captain Dale went to take the boat out of gear, an adult whale breached near the boat. The guest got the pic of the day, and granted us permission to share it via our website. No marlin were caught this day, but it was an exciting adventure, and the ono was delicious!

The 2014 Kona deep sea fishing tournament season is just around the corner, although there will be some tournaments throughout the rest of the year. Contact Captain Dale Leverone at 808-895-1972 or email us. if you are going to be in town over the summer and want to go fishing. It's our busiest time of year, so make reservations early. If you think you might want to fish in a tournament, ask the captain for details of tournaments that might be happening during your stay. You may also visit our Kona Tournaments page for a comprehensive list of upcoming competitions.

To experience Hawaii's greatest sport fishing, make your reservation to charter the Sea Strike, or for information regarding Kona fishing this spring or any other time during the year, call Captain Dale at 808-895-1972 or just EMAIL him.
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Raised in Miami Florida, Captain Dale Leverone has been a professional captain in Florida, Texas, Alaska and Hawaii. Kona plays host to many visiting folks from Canada, many of whom have had successful fishing trips aboard the Sea Strike.

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