1/2 day Kona Fishing 5/26/2021

Caught these Two on 5/10/2021

Demitry and family from Oregon

150lb Yellowfin Tuna

Jolene Kuber caught this 150lb Yellowfin tuna May 2 on Sea Strike

652lb Blue Marlin Caught

Angel Morello caught this 652 lb blue Marlin yesterday

500lb+ Blue Marlin

Matthew, Aiden Wassillie (15) from Alaska released a blue Marlin over 500 lbs on December 21 st

What A Catch

Red Hot Fishing

This is a big eye tuna we caught at night by angler Edjohn. Fishing has been red hot for everything right now.

Night Time Fishing

Nite time on Sea Strike angler Ryan Thurner

Why are Tuna Warm-Blooded?

When you’re deep sea fishing near Hawaii for a living, you learn a lot of interesting facts about fish. Among other things, these facts help up figure out their behavior and habits. Here’s one of the weirdest fish facts you’ll ever know. Some fish are warm-blooded. We learn in school that mammals are warm-blooded while… Continue reading Why are Tuna Warm-Blooded?

Do You Need a Fishing License to Fish in Hawaii?

Two big fishing reels on a boat in the ocean. These reels are used to catch big game fish such as Mahi-mahi, dorado, tuna, sailfish, swordfish sharks and marlin. They are used in tropical and cold water oceans.

If you’re deep sea fishing off Hawaii’s coast, you don’t need a fishing license for recreational fishing. You will if you intend to do any freshwater fishing inland. Out here, the vessels are the ones often registered for certain fishing permits. This is a more efficient way to do things because our popular tourism means… Continue reading Do You Need a Fishing License to Fish in Hawaii?