Looking for a Workout? We’ve Got the Fish for You

If you’re looking to burn a few calories (to make room for a delicious seafood dinner – or some cold brews), work your muscles, and feel a good burn of accomplishment at the end of the day, the Sea Strike can deliver. If “relaxing” means getting a great workout – and a great fish – look no further.

Try Jigging. If you have friends who think fishing is the lazy man’s sport, take them jigging. A jig is a fishing lure that has a lead sinker with a hook. It usually has a soft covering to draw in the fish. Unlike a lure that moves across the water horizontally, the jig has a vertical, jerky motion. This style of fishing requires a lot of work.

Jigging is vigorous, and you’ll work up a sweat as you’re going for bottom fish. Monchong, for example, is a bottom fish that runs deep. But the effort is worth it: they’re delicious. Its clear white flesh is a favorite choice for sashimi, and it’s excellent grilled, broiled, baked, and sauteed.

Aim for Mahi-Mahi. This fish is more than a great entree at your favorite seafood joint. When hooked, mahi-mahi puts up a heroic fight. Reeling these 20+ pound fighters in is an exhilarating experience. The name means “strong strong” in Hawaiian – sure, they’re talking about the fish. But it’s also important that you’re “strong strong” when fishing for these acrobatic beasts.

Go Marlins! Whether you’re going for the monster blue or the spirited black or striped marlin, be prepared for a challenge. These can weigh in excess of 1000 pounds, so start building your upper body strength today. Don’t worry: an experienced captain can help you reel them in successfully.

Kona is a premier fishing destination; while here, enjoy, relax, soak in the sun. But don’t miss the chance to work for your fish. The feeling of accomplishment is second to none.