Night Fishing Off the Coast of Hawaii

Night fishing in Hawaii: there’s nothing like it. The open ocean can be an awe inspiring place, particularly at night. The ocean feels both dangerous and serene at night, inky black yet quiet and peaceful. That is, until you hook a tuna or swordfish and start battling a creature you can barely see.

Broadbill swordfish are especially good catches at night. They’re as big as marlin and they’re elusive during the day. Night fishing for swordfish in Hawaii is usually best in the late spring and early summer.

Tracking at night is different – the clues you pay attention to change. Depending on what we’re aiming to catch, we might bring additional supplies as well.

Some people go deep sea fishing at night in Hawaii for the unique atmosphere night fishing lends. It feels like civilization disappears out there. It’s just you and the ocean. There’s something primal about it.

Others enjoy the serenity of it. The open ocean’s often calm at night. There’s a stillness that encourages the stresses of the day to melt away.

Still more like scaring themselves by it, and feeling the rush of being on the open ocean at night. (If this is your style, we might recommend a repeat viewing of “Jaws” before you come.)

Whatever you’re looking for, deep sea fishing at night in Hawaii has a way of giving it to you. You’ll find that atmosphere, or calm, or thrill depending on what you’re looking for. The open ocean lets you fill a lot of the blanks yourself. It’s like a canvass and night fishing gives you a way to find an element of yourself you don’t always give room to in your daily life. Give it a try. We’re happy to take you out and show you the ropes, whatever it is you’re looking for.