There’s More than Fish on a Hawaii Deep Sea Fishing Adventure

Going deep sea fishing is about what you catch, absolutely. Yet it’s about more than that. You can see a lot of other wildlife when you’re out deep sea fishing in Hawaii. There are regular sightings of whales and other amazing sea life. The fish are plentiful, and there are a few extra things we’ll see along the way. These are additional animals that we don’t catch, but can certainly see in our journeys.

Humpback Whales are phenomenal animals. These are an endangered species that count Hawaii as one of only a handful of winter breeding areas in the world. This means their recovering numbers are plentiful in the winter here. They can live for 50 years and can grow up to 52 ft. long. They’ll come near boats, but they keep enough distance to be safe for both us and them.

Dolphins are plentiful in a variety of species: rough-toothed, spinner, bottlenose, pilot whales, spotted, and even striped dolphins can be seen. They’re often very social, and you can see them jump out of the water in groups called schools. We’re careful about avoiding dolphins when fishing, but we love being able to appreciate their beauty and playfulness when we happen across them.

Orcas, or killer whales, are rarer but occasionally they can be spied in our adventures. There are even false killer whales that look similar, but have some tell-tale difference. We’ll point them out if we see one!

Sea Turtles are also protected fiercely, as their numbers are recovering. Hawaii makes up one of the main nesting areas in the world for Green sea turtles. They’re more graceful than you might imagine. Many are over a meter long.

There are many seals and other whales we might also come across. A thin stretch of ocean that surrounds the Hawaiian islands is the only habitat in the world for Hawaiian monk seals.

Whatever we come across, we can help you find it and teach you and your family about it. The ocean has many awesome sights, some we can fish, and others like those listed here that we can appreciate with our eyes and cameras and memories along the way. There’s no shortage of amazing sea life off the coast of Hawaii.