Up for a Challenge? Blue Marlin Deliver

Fishing is one of the most effective stress-relievers around. You can sink your cares along with your lures, and it doesn’t even matter whether or not you reel in a fish. Leisure at its finest. Or, fishing can be one of the most exhilarating experiences of your life. Your choice.

If you want to cast around for excitement, Kona is your best bet. Blue marlin love our warm waters as much as swimmers and snorkelers do, and they’ll give you a run for your money.

Kona produces more 1000+ pound blue marlin than any other fishing spot on earth. If you’re looking to break a world record, this is your destination. And, even if you don’t catch the biggest marlin ever recorded, you might just beat your personal best.

The blue marlin is one of the largest fish in the ocean; in fact, their epic size (up to 14 feet for females) has led to epic tales. The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway details the battle between man and marlin. Marlins prefer warm temperatures and follow currents, dining on tuna, mackerel, and, occasionally, squid.

A prize for sports fishermen, blue marlin don’t come easy. They fight like wildcats – or like blue marlin! – when hooked. This elevates the pursuit of angling to a whole other level. An experienced captain can set you up with the best conditions to get a blue marlin on the line, and they can give you the tips and guidance you need to reel it in. Practice your smile because you’re going to have to take a few fish selfies when you land one of these beauties.

Fishing can be as passive or as active as you like. And if you want a little action – a little adrenaline, a little muscle-quivering, heart-racing excitement – you will find it in Kona.